Why do you need grip gloves for free motion on sit down machine?

Posted by Marcia Baraldi on

I´ve created grip gloves to help you make easily beautiful quilts.

When you are making a quilt in sitdown machine it´s necessary to low down the feed dogs in order to give free motion for the quilting.

Well, like this your hands will be the ones pushing the sandwich any direction to create designs

To avoid slipping your hands you need grip gloves

With them, the curves will be smoother and the stitch more consistent.

They also don`t cover your fingers letting them free to change needles, threads, bobbins or getting small objects

Another important advantage is that it helps to prevent back and neck pain, because when using the palm of your hand your body automatically stay in the correct position

That´s the reason why the grip on this gloves is in the palm of the hands.

This product is available on this website

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