Tutorial Feather Design!

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Feathers Quilting Block

I´ll show you how to make these beautiful Feathers´ Block!

You´ll need a paper, one temporary pen, a ruler and the quilt sandwich!

It´s very important to practice first on a paper and then quilt it on the sandwich.

Step 1- Draw a circle of 5 inches long. And find the middle point.

Step 2- Draw a parallel circle inside of it with a ½ inch distance from the 1st circle line.

Step 3- Use the middle point to draw 2 lines that will divide the circle. One vertically and other horizontally.

Step 4- Draw more lines between each part

Step 5- And then draw more lines between the new spaces created.


Step 6- From the middle point, draw a curved line to point 1

Step 7- From point 1 draw a clamshell to point 2.

Step 8-Trace back to point 1

Step 9- Draw another clamshell, now to point 3

Step 10- Draw back to the middle point.

Continue on doing the same process from the middle point of the circle to the next line. You can turn the paper in a position that will be easier to draw.



Step- 11 Now it´s time to draw the same circle and marks on the sandwich using the same temporary pen!

Step12- Now that you´ve already practiced on the paper, your brain knows how to do it! Just follow the steps on the machine!


The final result is amazing!!!

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