Quilting Grip Gloves for Free-motion Quilting or Sewing by Marcia Baraldi

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Quilting Notion Created by a Quilter to make Quilter´s Life Easier!

These Quilting Gloves for Free-motion quilting are one of the neatest quilting accessories for a quilter!

Marcia Baraldi inspired the design of these quilting supplies on her own experience.

Get to know these Comfortable Quilting Gloves!

  • SMALL- MEDIUM- LARGE- One Size Fits All- Adjustable Velcro Strips
  • FREE MOTION QUILTING: The grip rubber allows to move the sandwich with minimal pressure and maximum control, enabling perfect stitches.
  • FINGERS FREE: Change needles, cut threads or get small objects without removing the gloves.
  • PREVENT BACK AND NECK PAIN: stimulates the palm of the hands use, so the body automatically stays in a correct and healthy posture.
  • AVOIDS CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME: the correct use of the gloves place the hands on a flat position letting the wrist relaxed, preventing the development of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Product Dimensions
7in x 1.4in x 3.75in