Classic Quilts Rulers + Ruler Feet Beginner Set

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This Ruler set with 15 Rulers will help you quilt like a professional right on your home sewing machine.
Works on all domestics sewing machines, the Classic Quilts Rulers Set were designed to achieve precise quilted effects!
The Ruler Foot floats just above the quilt sandwich and traces designs inside or outside the rulers.
  • 3 Feather Rulers (Small/Medium/Large): stitch feathers patterns and create petals in three different sizes with Feather Template Ruler;
  • 3 Leaves Rulers (Small/Medium/Large): stitch leaves and other designs using these templates;
  • Filling Leaf: stitch leaves fillings with this ruler;
  • 2 Tear Rulers (Small/Medium); create pointed petals and other designs with this ruler. 
  • 2 Drop Rulers (Small/Medium); create round petals and many other designs with this ruler;
  • 4 Mini Geometric Rulers (Square/Rectangle/ Oval/Circle)- use them to create precise quilting for stems, stalks, and other designs
  • RULER Foot is FREE with this RULER SET! You will receive 3 Ruler Feet Models (Low Shank, High Shank, and Industrial Shank). You´ll place the foot that fits on your machine to use the Rulers! Bernina machines require a shank adaptor.
  • Non-slip Tape comes together with this Ruler Set for FREE!
  • -Note-If you already have your own Ruler foot: Marcia Baraldi´s RULERS WORK ON ANY KIND OF DOMESTIC MACHINES RULER FOOT.